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Christopher Coffey
Brazos County
Christopher Coffey’s background demonstrates his commitment to youth and community for more than 22 years with the Brazos County Juvenile Department and the Dallas County Juvenile Department. Mr. Coffey serves as the Superintendent at the Brazos County Juvenile Department with responsibility for the Detention Center and the overall operations of that department on a daily basis. Mr. Coffey served as the Assistant Superintendent at the Dallas County Juvenile Post Programs with responsibility for the Residential Drug Treatment Program which included but was not limited to: daily drug treatment, individual and family counseling on a weekly basis, and monthly individual family counseling. As well, he oversaw the Short Term Adolescent Residential Treatment Program ( START Program) for the Dallas County Juvenile Department which included working with youth, developing new ways of thinking, social skills, and problem solving skills. Prior to working in the RDT Program and Start Program, Mr. Coffey worked as the Assistant Superintendent in the Detention Center with Dallas County and the Medlock Facility which provides treatment for sex offenders detained with the Dallas County Juvenile Department. Coffey has received numerous awards for his Institutional Service involvement while working for Dallas County Juvenile Department which include: Employee of the Year (2010), and Institutional Service Employee of the Year (2004). Christopher Coffey is a graduate of Paul Quinn College and Cisco Jr. College, father of four and has been married to his wife for 21 years. He is a member of Carver Heights Baptist Church.
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